TV is running your life:

May be title is a little over top. It’s easy to say that life is about balance. If you take too much is bad but a little is okay.

For example :

A little cold soda is okay,but more is bad

So there is a question,

Is a little tv okay?

Yes or Not, is all up to you. The problem is that what we think is a “little bit”, is actually  too much.

I know that’s  happened  in my life ,looking back , I can see that I have watched TV a lot over the year.

What has it gotten me ? Nothing! 
May be a little education and +1 knowledge, but mostly wasted.

But there were certainly lots of other things that i could have been doing, like sitting and thinking and enjoying the present experience of life, reading books and enjoying much more time with your loved ones.

My believe, TV is an addiction. The more we learn about the addiction of TV does to us ,the scary it is to realize that it’s very harm and dangerous.


Losing focus, more time with distraction like TV, Smartphones and Computers lead to worse perform in education.

The reason appears to be that screen time , including television, make us lose our ability to focus on something.

The study finds that those with the ability to focus on something for a longer period of time are better at performing various task.

TV ruins are relationship: 

Tv runes your relationship

          Studies are found that there are risk with watching TV with your partner. There are so many things that can damage your relationship.

  • Over time ,
  • His/Her friend,
  • His/Her personality,
  • His/Her weird dressing that shows to much body parts,
  • And now there’s one more ! TELEVISION.

Television ruins our relationship.


            Good evidence suggests that screen viewing before age 18 has negative effect on children’s language development, reading skills and short term memory. It’s also a bad with sleep and attention. Loss of concentration.


Too much watching TV bad for your child’s eyes, and watching too closely will damage your eyes. It may make your eyes tired or give a headache.

Conclusion :

           According to our results, watching less TV is good and more is bad for health, life and relationship. So don’t waste your time , give more time to your love ones.


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