Pineapple crunch delight

Pineapple crunch delight


  1. Pineapple tin 1
  2. Marie biscuits 3
  3. Whipping cream or double cream 200ml
  4. Caster sugar 1/4 cup or as required
  5. Vanila essence 1/4tsp
  6. For caramel – sugar 1cup , 1-2 tbsp water


Pour cream in a bowl add caster sugar and vanila essence in it beat the cream with hand beater untill it will doubled in volume but we dont have to make it too much fluffy or fully wipped don’t let stiff peaks be form then set aside

For caramel :

Add sugar and water in a pan turn the flame medium and stir untill sugar dissolve then leave the mixture on medium flame untill syrup start changes its colour once you got the desired caramel colour pour it out on butter paper and spread it evenly and let it cool.


First put crushed marie biscuits and pineapple tin syrup then cream then pineapple slices then cream then crushed biscuits and crushed caramel then cream again and on top garnish it with some caramel crunch and pineapple keep the delight in fridge for atleast 4 hours or overnight, serve chilled.


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