Some tips and tricks to complete one blog post in specific time.

How much time needed to complete one blog post?

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what makes a good writer?

SIMPLICITY: Good writing is like a good teaching, to explain, to make things a little bit clearer and to make sense of structure even if it’s just a little idea descriptions. Good writing is simple but not simplistic, it has logic, structure and good understanding to the reader. The good writer having simple phrases to... Continue Reading →

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Chicken Donuts with Salsa

Easy Chicken Recipe: This is one my best creation, if your child did not eat lunch or dinner u can make it like that it's easy and tempting. here it is easy chicken recipe. Serving for 2 to 3 Ingredients Chicken 500 gms Slices two Milk half cup Garlic powder half t.sp Soya sauce one... Continue Reading →

Homade Nutella fudgy brownies easy and very moist.

❤💚NUTELLA FUDGY BROWNIES💚❤ If you're looking for the best homemade fudgy brownies look no further😊!!.These chewy, fudgy brownies are thick,rich and perfectly chocolatey and nutella frosting made them heavenly yumm💕👍 Ingredients:Flour...1 1/4 cup Eggs...3 Sugar...1 cup Oil.....1 cup Cocoa powder .... 1/4 cup Salt.... A pinch Baking powder....1 tsp Chocolate essence...1tsp Cooking chocolate.... 200gm Continue Reading →

Layered Custard Trifal dessert easy to make.

Hello everyone ! Here once again I m sharing easy to make dessert recipe. This recipe is quick and easy to ready...hope you all like it. Ingredients: Any custard powder (mango)= 2 tablespoon Any custard powder( chocolate)= 2 tablespoon Sugar ( as per ur taste) = 3 tablespoon Milk = 1 liter The instant jelly... Continue Reading →

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